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Third Quarter 2018 Market Review

Domestic stocks moved ahead in the third quarter on the back of a strong US economy while international stocks and the bond market posted slightly positive returns for the quarter but are still showing negative returns on the year. This narrowly focused rally was led by large company growth stocks. These headlines and more in […]

Second Quarter 2018 Market Review

After a great start in January the markets find themselves fairly flat starting the second half of 2018, yet much more volatile.  Returns have been mixed due to rising interest rates, higher energy prices and global trade uncertainty but the main positive catalyst was strong corporate earnings which are expected to continue to grow.  Second Quarter […]

Market Volatility

After a period of relative calm in the stock market, investors have experienced increased volatility in recent days. While market volatility can create anxiety for some, reacting emotionally and changing long-term investment strategies in response to short-term declines could prove more harmful than helpful Recent Market Volatility

Fourth Quarter 2017 Market Review

The fourth quarter culminated a great year for the markets and this piece does a great job of recapping many of the headlines that contributed to the success. Fourth Quarter 2017 Market Review